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Hindu God and Goddesses

1. Lord Muruga (This has now been published)

Details of the highly popular deity among the Tamils, Lord Muruga, the second son of Lord Shiva, his growth with Karthika maids, his war with demon Soorapathman and his marriage with Valli and Thevasena.

2. Lord Aiyapan

This is a detailed sweet story describing the details of Lord Aiyappan, his formation and the wonderful deeds he performed to save his devotees.

3. The three Sakthi devis.

The great Mother Aathy Para Sakthi Devi takes the forms as Saraswati Devi, Lakshmi Devi and Durga Devi (Parwathy) to bless her devotees with knowledge, wealth and valour. This sweet article gives details of the three powerful forms of Devi Sakthi, the graceful wonders they performed to help their devotees, etc.

Divine Stories

1. Lord Shiva and Kannappar the Hunter,


Kannappar, the innocent, ever-loving devotee of Lord Shiva offers his own eyes to Lord Shiva to show his love on the Lord and gains an important place at the side of the Lord.

2. Sambandar,

This is the story of the 3 year old child who, after he got to drink Devi Parvati's milk of wisdom, began to sing sweet poems praising Lord Shiva.

3. Lord Shiva and the hungry piglets (This has now been published)

This sweet story depicts the playful deed of Lord Shiva who takes the form of a big mother pig and feed twelve hungry piglets with milk and thus blessing them to become great ministers to Pandiya king.

4. Nambi Aaandar Nambi

This is the story of a 9th century young boy who is very fond of 'Pollap pillaiyar' (Lord Ganesha) makes him to eat his offerings. Later on this young boy became the great Saiva Poet who was tasked by the Emperor Raaja Raaja Chola to recover and complied the Thirumurai poems called 'Thevarams' sunk by 4 of the 63 Nayanmars known as 'Samaya Kuravarkal'.

4. Krishna and Kalingan, the Demon

This sweet story depicts the loving deeds of young Krishna who sprang into a venomous lake occupied by a massive cruel snake called Kalinga to tame and subjugate it and thus save his devotees and their cows.


1. Ramayana

This is a sweet and simplified version of the Great Hindu epic, Ramayana for Children giving all fine and beautiful details seen on the original book.

2. Mahabaratha

Mahabharata is considered to be one of the greatest epics of the world. Our serial gives all sweet and wonderful parts of this great epic to the children in a sweet, simple way.

3. King Harichandra

A challenge to each other of two great sages that when affected by troubles after troubles the great King Harischandra would compromise his highly principled life, led him to lose everything; his wife and children, his country and even his life to save the truth. This great story retold in sweet and simpler ways to teaches the power of truth to our children.

Great Temple and Pilgrimage Centres

1.Thirupathy Sri Vekadeswara's History

In this, we give your children a wonderful true story of Lord Venkadeswara who took the avatar of Srinivasan at the world famous pilgrimage centre, Tirumala and his deeds to save and bless his devotees.


Other Languages

We will only be glad to hear from generous devotees who can sponsor the great task of bringing out this site in other languages such as French, German and other Indian Languages such as Gujarati, Telugu and Hindi

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