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Sweet Moral Stories

Hold on Kids,

Why not some hilarious but moral stories too?

Here you will find stories from 'Pancha-Thanthira' and various other sources that would make you to think.

The stories list will grow bigger to delight you...

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Thought provoking & hilarious stories for children:

The Fate Of The Foolish Tortoise

The Fate of The Foolish Tortoise

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful pond at the center of a dense forest. A lot of fish, crabs and other such creatures lived in that pond.

A tortoise too lived along with them. Kamba was the name of that tortoise.

Kamba was a very friendly and easy going tortoise. It behaved well with all other creatures lived in that pond and made friends of everyone.

He was very talkative. His only bad habit was that he had a bit of a short temper in character and so became angry very easily. Poor Kamba was used to get very angry at the slightest cause.

He did not realize the truth that 'uncontrolled anger would brought disastrous concequnces'.

Two cranes lived in that forest and used to visit that pond daily to drink water and to catch some fish.

They are called Sangadan and Vikatan.

As our Kamba was a very talkative fellow, he had befriended the cranes very easily and the three had indeed became very close friends. They used to sit together on the rocks at the banks of the pond to relax, talk, joke and eat together happily.

Once, it so happened that a severe summer scorched the forest. It had not rained for a long time. The summer sun was very hot and rivers, ponds and wells situated in that area became dry without even a drop of water to drink.

The pond, where a lot of creatures lived had also dried without even a drop of water. All the fish and other small creatures which lived in that pond died of thirst.

Kamba, the tortoise also suffered. Without a drop of water to drink for many days, he looked very sad and weak.

Because they can fly further afield for water and food where they were available, the cranes were not affected.

Feeling sorry for the critical position of their friend, the cranes pitied him and wanted to help him and save his life however. They wanted to take him to some other place where there was plenty of water.

But, the cranes had the power to fly while Tortoise could not. He was a slow walker too. So, how could those two cranes help their friend? With mush distress, they both came to visit him on their usual rock near the pond.

"Oh Kamba, dear friend, we feel very sad and distress to see you in this situation. How long could you live without water? We want to help you and save your life" both cranes told him sadly.

"Yes, my friends. The situation is very bad. When the water in this pond got dried up, all the fish and other creatures died of thirst. I am the only one surviving. I can feel my days are also numbered" the tortoise replied with much despair.

"Friend, while we were coming towards this pond to visit you, we flew over another bigger forest. At the center of that big forest, we saw a very big lake. That lake was filled with water. But, the lake is situated very far from this place. If you manage to come to that lake, you can live longer without shortage of water and food" told Vikatan.

While his friend was speaking, Sangadan got a very bright idea.

Immediately, he addressed both Kamba and Vikatan and said, 'Friends, I got a very good idea'... We both will hold each sides of a stick in our mouths tightly and fly while you hold the center part of that stick and hang. In a few minutes, we will reach that big lake and get you down in that water'.

The other crane Vikatan too admitted that it was really a very bright idea, but warned the tortoise of one important thing.

It said, 'Friend Kamba, you must be very careful while travelling in this way. You are a good boy, but there is a bad habit with you. You become angry very often without thinking of the concequences. The effort we are going to make is a very dangerous one. So, while we fly carrying you on the stick, you must not open your mouth for any reason. You must not speak at all. You must always hold the stick with your mouth', he warned Kamba, the tortoise.

"Yes, I will do as you say, my dear friends" agreed Kamba the tortoise.

Sangadan and Vikatan the two cranes flew here and there and at last found a slim but strong stick and brought it to the tortoise.

While the tortoise was seizing the stick by its mouth,.................

Both cranes held each ends of the stick by their long, but strong beaks............
and flew away and away.

The cranes flew very high in the sky. The tortoise kept its promise and hanged seizing the center of the stick by its mouth keeping its mouth shut.

Thus the three friends passed many mountains, valleys, villages, paddy fields and a few dried up ponds also.

At last, they flew over a small town.

The people of the town gathered in the streets to see the wonderful sight of a tortoise flying high in the sky.

They had never witnessed such an astounding scene of a tortoise flying in the sky with the help of cranes. They were thrilled to watch that sight and the news spread all over the town within a few minutes. People came out to the roads and high buildings to see the wonderful sight.

Some people clapped their hands in encouraging the three. Some others laughed loud; Some more people shouted,"Oho, oho, flying tortoise, flying tortoise" in mockery.

Our Kamba naturally became very angry to hear their laughter and shouts of mockery.

He tried his best but could not control his anger anymore.

He wanted to scold them with harsh words to his satisfaction. So, at one moment he forgot his dangerous position and to enable him to scold them starting with the words 'Hey, foolish guys...', he opened his mouth slightly.

The words did not come out of his mouth.

The moment he opened his mouth to speak............

He missed his hold with the stick, and fell..... down and down and died pathetically.

Sangadan and Vikatan became very sad and flew away worrying about the foolishness of their friend Kamba.

The Moral of this story is that we must learn to control our anger to avoid disastrous outcomes.

Unity Is Strength

Panchatantra Story - Unity Is Strength 

Once long before, there was a very big Banyan tree, at the banks of the river Godhavari, one of the ancient river in India.

On the branches of that huge tree, thousands of birds were living in their nests. Crows, cranes, doves, parrots, cuckoos and other such small birds were living in that tree with their families.

An old crow too was living there. Laghu was its name.

One day, when Laghu was sitting on a branch of the tree, he saw a fowler (a hunter of birds) coming towards that tree.

The fowler had a big net, ropes and sticks in his hands.

"Oh my God, that fowler is coming towards this tree. He may harm the birds living in this tree. God only can help us", the crow was worried.

The fowler came and stood below that tree. He spread the net on the ground and fixed it with sticks and ropes. He put leaves and grass over the net to hide it and then he sprinkled food grains on it. He then walked away to a distant tree and hid behind it.

At that time, a flock of doves were flying over that forest. There were many doves in that flock. The leader of that flock was called Chitran.

The doves had been flying from the dawn in search of food, but they could not find any and were all tired and hungry. They saw the grains on the ground below and so wanted to go down and eat it.

One young dove came flying towards the leader and asked, "Leader, we can see plenty of food grains on the ground below. Shall we go down and eat it?"

The leader refused."Don't do that. Think twice before going down. This is a dense forest. Who would have put so much food grains on that ground? What is that person's purpose? I suspect that there is a big danger behind it. So, let us forget it and search for food somewhere else.." he suggested.

But. the young dove became angry. "Leader, you have become old. So, you are afraid. We are hungry and tired. We have been searching for food the whole day and could not find enough. So, how can we be sure that we will get food later? So, we have decided to go down and eat those grains", he said.

So, the young dove flew down and landed on top of the grains. Immediately, he started to eat the grains hungrily. The other doves too, except the leader, followed him and landed down to eat the grains.

In a minute, all those doves got caught in the net.

Realizing the danger they were in, the doves cried for help. They were afraid that the fowler would come to kill them one by one.

The leader dove Chitran, who were flying above heard their cries. He wanted to help them.

So, he flew down and voluntarily got caught in the deadly net.

The fowler who was hiding behind a tree had seen it all. He was very happy that so many birds had got trapped in his net. He started to run towards his net.

The leader saw him coming towards them. So, he called his friend doves, "Dear friends, the fowler is coming towards us. If we wait any more time, he will surely catch and kill all of us. At this moment of danger, we must act united. We must start flying together and take the net with us. Okay, now, we will start flying", saying thus, he started to fly with the net.

All other doves too joined him and started to fly taking the net with them. All the doves joined together to take away the net easily and flew in the sky.

The crow who was seeing it all was surprised and happy to see that the doves had escaped. So, it flew following the doves.

The fowler who saw the doves taking his net with them cried aloud, "Alas, the doves are taking my net away. From now on, how will I catch the birds?". He tried to chase the doves, but, he could not catch them. He went home sadly.

The doves reached the border of the forest and landed in front of a big tamarind tree. A mouse, named Hiranyak was living inside a hole under the tamarind tree. The mouse was a good friend of Chitran.

When he saw the flock of doves landing near his tree, the mouse came out of his hole and saw his dear friend with his friends. He saw the net and realized the danger they were in.

He called his friend, "Dear friend, do not worry. I will gnaw at the strings of the net and cut it into pieces. You will be free in a few minutes". Thus saying, he started to gnaw at the strings and cut the net with his sharp teeth.

Soon, all the doves got free. They thanked the mouse and flew away happily.

Seeing all these happenings, the crow wanted to make friends with the mouse. So, he went near the hole and called, "Oh, my dear friend Hiranyak,.. Come out".

Seeing a crow standing at the entrance of his hole, the mouse trembled with fear.

What happened then?

Did the mouse accepted the crow as his friend?

You can read more in the next time. 

Tenali Raman

Tenali Raaman

"Exactly how did Raman become a court jester?"

In South India, there was actually a village called as Tenali. A young boy named Raman was living in that village. Raman was an orphan and he was living with some of his distant relatives.
Raman was really a good hearted boy. Yet, he was very naughty. He wanted to jeer at individuals. He didn't prefer to go to school and spent his time playing in roadsides and fields.
Once, a sage paid a visit to that village. He had performed extreme penance in Himalayas for numerous years and obtained countless spiritual powers.

Raman bowed to him in respect and assisted him in his daily poojas, etc. The sage was very pleased and wanted to help Raman. He worried that Raman was wasting his valuable time in vain playing in roadsides and fields.

So, the sage called Raman near him and advised," Rama, you have actually been passing your valuable time vainly without going to school to study. A proverb states that the 'Children who spend their days lazy will certainly spend their future crying like beggars'. Never be lazy. Work hard. Then only you can accomplish wonderful deeds in the future."

Raman bowed him with respect and replied," Sir, I really don't have any close relative in this village and no one cares about me. No one has actually advised me like you and so, I have been  wasting my days in vain".

The sage felt pity for him. He wished to help that innocent boy.

So, he went on to advise him," Dear son, right now, I am going to teach you a special, powerful mantra. (Mantra = a word or a couple of words primarily in Sanskrit language which is repeated again and again to praise one's favorite Hindu God or Goddess) This is actually called Maha Kali Mantra. At the border of this village, there is a hill and on top of that hill, there is an old temple for mother Kali Devi. Go to that temple tomorrow morning just before sunrise. Sitting in front of the Kali Devi's statue, you should repeat this Maha Kali Mantra One hundred thousand and eight times with love and devotion. At that point, if the prayer was actually in the proper way, mother Kali Devi will certainly appear before you and bless you with your wishes."

Saying this, the sage went on to teach Raman the powerful Maha Kali Mantra and ensured that he had learnt it properly by heart.

The sage then traveled away to another village.

On the following day, just before sunrise, Raman set out to that hill temple and with great difficulty, he mounted the hill and arrived at the Kali temple.
The temple was very old, but gorgeous. At the sanctum of the temple, there was a massive statue of Kali Devi. Raman cleaned up the temple and decorated the statue with the florets he had brought with him.

Then, he sat in front of the statue and started to recite the Maha Kali Mantra. With love and devotion on Mother Kali Devi, he restated the mantra tirelessly.

When he completed restating the mantra one hundred thousand and eight times, the hill shook with a vibrating sound.

At that moment, ...

The statue vanished. On that space, Kali Devi appeared in the midst of brilliant light.

Mother Kali Devi had appeared with one thousand faces which looked very scary . She had two hands.

" Child, I am actually very pleased to observe your love and devotion. Ask for whatever you wish" she ordered.

Raman was sitting before her with folded hands. He looked at the form of Kali Devi and suddenly, began to  laugh. He laughed and laughed and his laughter went on for a long time.

Maha Kali Devi became very annnoyed. She cried angrily," Hey, foolish boy, if any other man saw me in this form, he would have actually run away in fear. But, you are instead laughing  like an idiot without even asking for your wish. So, let it be, that you are going to become a jester, a vikatakavi in your future."

Hearing her angry words, Raman paused for a moment. Then, he told her," Mother,  this too appears to be actually a perfect boon to me. Vi - ka - ta - ka - vi. This is an outstanding word and also a palindrome. It reads the same  forward and backward. I am actually happy. Thank you, dear mother Kali Devi, for such a rare name."

Viewing his innocence and devotion, Kali Devi felt pity for him. She asked him," Okay kid, tell me at this time, why did you laugh on seeing me?"

Raman started to clarify with respect," Oh, mother Kali Devi, you have one thousand faces and also one thousand noses. Yet, you have just two hands. Whenever I get cold, I have enough trouble wiping my only nose with these two hands. But, you have one thousand noses and have two hands merely. I visualized how would you be struggling if those one thousand noses on the one thousand faces start running. I could not stop laughing."

Hearing his jovial reply, Kali Devi also felt like laughing. She laughed. Her one thousand faces followed in that gorgeous, divine laughter.

Raman was fascinated by the divine laughter." Your laughter is very beautiful, mother" Raman said.

Kali Devi smiled." Child, you have made an angry deity like me laugh. From today, you are going to be actually called,' Tenali Raman'. You will be appointed as the court jester to the king of Vijaya Nagara and you will certainly make all individuals laugh. You will live with popularity and wealth. Your name is going to be remembered forever." She blessed Raman with these words and at that point disappeared.

After thanking Mother Kali Devi, Tenali Raman departed from the temple and reached Vijaya Nagara. He met Krishna Deva Raya, the king of Vijaya Nagara and explained to him about Kali Devi's blessings.

The king of Vijaya Nagara gladly appointed him as his court jester.
There are a number of amusing stories summarizing Tenali Raman's skills, jokes and playful acts. You may read and delight in these tales in this website.

Note: According to history, Tenali Raman was a court jester at the court of King Krishna Devaraya, in the 16th century.

And since you are reading about him, at least 500 years later, what Kali Devi said him has become correct that the Tenali Raman will be remembered forever.

The Brahmin and the three rogues

The Brahman and the three rogues


One day a Brahman received a goat as a gift. He picked up the goat and set out for home, carrying it on his shoulders.



Three rogues saw the Brahman carrying the goat. They were hungry. They wished they could get the goat for a meal.


"That's a nice plump goat," said one of them.


"Yes," said another,"It would make a good meal for the three of us. But how can we get the goat? The Brahman will not give it to us."


"Listen," said the third rogue, "I have a plan." The third rogue then whispered into the ears of the other two.


The other two rogues laughed. Then all three jumped up and hurried away.


The Brahman walked on.


Now one of the rogues suddenly came along and stood in front of the Brahman.



"Oh, holy sir," said the rogue very politely, "Why are you carrying that dog on your shoulders? Isn't a dog too unholy and unclean for a Brahman. I am very surprised to see a you carrying a dog."

"Dog?" exclaimed the Brahman. "What are you talking about? Are you blind? This is a goat. I just received it as a gift."



"Now, don't be angry, sir," the rogue said in a calm voice. "I am only telling you what I see. But I'll say nothing more. I'm sorry,sir."


The rogue quickly went away.


The Brahman walked on, muttering angrily to himself. A little further along the road the Brahman met the second rogue.


The second rogue looked at the goat and then looked at the Brahman.


"Oh, holy sir," said the second rogue in a sad voice, "You should not carry a dead calf on your shoulders. You know, it is disgraceful for a Brahman to carry a dead animal."


"Dead animal? Dead calf?" shouted the Brahman.


"What nonsense are you talking? Are you blind? Don't you know a live goat when you see one? This is a goat I have just received as a gift."


"Please don't get angry with me, sir," replied the second rogue in a very humble voice. "Carry a calf, if you want to, a dead one or a living one. It does not matter to me. I'll say no more. Please yourself."

On walked the Brahman. He felt little worried. From time to time he glanced at the goat. It was a goat all right.


But very soon he met the third rogue.


"Pardon me , sir," said the third rogue, "but I must tell you that what you are doing is most improper."

"Improper?" asked the Brahman. "What is improper?"


"It is not proper for a holy man to carry a donkey . A Brahman should not even touch such an unclean animal. You must know that yourself. Put it down, sir, before anyone sees what you are doing."

The Brahman was very puzzled . However he was just too worried to be angry. This was the third man he had met. First a dog, then a dead calf, and now a donkey!


Was this a goat, then, a goblin or was it some sort of demon? Could itself into something different every few minutes? Perhaps theses men were right, after all.



Greatly frightened, the Brahman flung down the goat and ran home as fast a he could.


The rogue picked up the goat and hurried back to his friends. They were happy at the success of their plan. They had a great meal that evening.