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In this section we are going to enjoy popular epics in Hinduism.

These we brought you as serials and you will learn a lots in them.

We will start off with Ramayana...




Many thousands of years ago, a demon king named Ravana was ruling the three worlds. He had ten heads. Therefore, he was called Ten headed Ravana. On those days, Devas were living on the upper world called Heaven and human beings lived on the earth. The nether world which is the underworld was occupied by cruel demons.

Ravana performed very hard penance for many years and as a result, he had obtained powerful boons from Lord Brahma. Using those boons, he raided and won all three worlds and ruled over them. He attacked Kubera, the king of Lanka and captured that beautiful island. Kubera had the Pushpak airplane which enabled its owner to fly anywhere he wish. Ravana seized that plane from Kubera and made him his servant. He built a grand palace in Lanka and ruled over the three worlds from that palace.

Ravana was a very cruel demon king. He had many magical powers. He could change his form into many different forms like a bird, animal or a sage whenever he wished so. There was no end to the hardships devas and human beings suffered under his rule. All devas were enslaved to Ravana and they were ordered to do mean jobs at his palace. Agni deva - the Lord of Fire - worked as a cook. Vayu deva - the Lord of the wind - worked as a cleaner. Varuna deva - the Lord of the rains - did the work of a water supplier. Kubera - the Lord of wealth - worked as an accountant.

Ravana's warlords murdered many sages and God's devotees without any mercy. They killed many kings and plundered their wealth.

Cruel king Ravana had four brothers and one sister. Vipeeshana, Kumbakarna, Karan and Dooshanan were his younger brothers and Soorpanakai was his only sister. Ravana had a lot of wives. Among them, Mandothari was very beautiful and she was the royal queen.

The earth trembled because of Ravana's atrocities. The people of earth suffered a lot. Looking at the sufferings and hardships of her people, the Goddess of the earth, Bhooma devi was much worried. She wanted to share her worries with Lord Brahma, the creator. She took the form of a beautiful, white cow and went to the world of Brahma. She met the creator and stood there crying.

"Oh. Lord Brahma, who creates all the worlds and all living beings on these worlds, Ravana too is one of your creations. Don't you realize all the hardships being suffered by devas and people of my earth ? Is there no one to save my people and devas from this cruel demon?", she asked Lord Brahma.

Seeing her tears, Lord Brahma took pity on her. He told her, " Dear daughter, I can understand your sorrows. But, I am the one who blessed Ravana with all those boons. According to those boons, he cannot be killed by devas or demons. So, at the present situation. there is no one to kill him, except human beings. But, they are weak. Therefore, we all shall go and pray to Lord Vishnu, the preserver and rescuer. He will certainly rescue the worlds."

Then Lord Brahma, Bhooma devi and other devas went to Shri Vaigunta, the heaven of Lord Vishnu and kept waiting for his appearance ( Darshan ).

At that time, Lord Vishnu, named Shri Narayana appeared at the East direction with the brightness of a million Suns, seated on his vehicle, the Garuda."

Lord Brahma, Bhooma devi and all others worshipped him with love and devotion. They all praised the Lord with sweet devotional songs. They all chanted" Om, Namo Narayanaya Namo".

Lord Vishnu looked at all of them with great kindness and love. He asked them, " Dear children, you have come to see me with true love and devotion. I am very happy to see you all. But, I can see no happiness on your faces. What makes you so much worried ? 

Lord Brahma worshipped him and began to speak, " Oh Lord, you are omnipresent. You know about all our sufferings and sorrows. Demon king Ravana's atrocities have got multiplied in the three worlds. He has enslaved devas and human beings. Most devas are suffering the whole day, serving him with mean jobs. Ravana's warrior demons roam the earth and destroy it. If this situation persists, in a few days, there will be no human beings on the earth. You only can save us ".

Lord Vishnu smiled kindly and said, " Lord Brahma, I can understand that King Ravana is doing all these cruelties only with the help of the boons you gave him. What are those boons ?"

Lord Brahma replied, " My Lord, Ravana stood on his one leg for many years and performed severe penance. So, I took pity on him and asked him what he wished for. He asked me that he shouldn't be killed on the three worlds by devas or demons. I gave him those boons. "

Lord Vishnu, who was hearing his words with a divine smile, mused for a moment and asked,

"Lord Brahma, why didn't he ask for a boon that he shouldn't be killed by a man ? "

Lord Brahma replied, " Lord, Ravana is very proud and arrogant. He considers human beings just as small insects. So, he is confident that no human being can kill him. "

Lord Maha Vishnu laughed and said, " Lord Brahma, Ravana has sought his destruction through his arrogance. He is going to meet his death through a human being. "

"How will it happen, my Lord ? ", asked Bhooma devi.

"Bhooma devi, do not worry. I am going to take an incarnation on the earth as a human being. In India, Dasaratha, childless king of Kosala country is performing Puthra Kameshta Yagna in order to get children. I shall be born as a son to him and wipe all your tears."

Lord Brahma, Bhooma devi and all others worshipped him again and thanked him.

* * *


At the same time, in Baratha (ancient name of India), at the palace of King Dasaratha which was situated at Ayodya, the capital city of Kosala country, thousands of people and sages were gathered. The palace looked grand with beautiful decorations. Under the supervision of great sage Rishya Sringar, many sages were sitting around the yagna fire and performing poojas. While king Dasaratha was pouring pure ghee into the yagna fire, the sages chanted holy mantras.

At that moment....

A bright, holy deva appeared from the yagna fire. He held a golden vase in his hands. The golden vase was filled with sweet amudham ( = heaven’s nectar ). The amudham was very powerful with godly powers. The holy deva offered the vase to king Dasaratha and opened his mouth to speak.

What did he say ?

We will read all about it on the next chapter.