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Pancha Bootha Temples

tsunamiland, water, air, sky, fire are the five natural forces and also considered as power of destroyer the Lord Shiva.

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Muruga and the Granny, Avvaiyar

avvaiyar muruganOne of the best story on Lord Muruga involving the learned old granny; 'Lord Muruga and the Granny, Avvaiyar'....

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Devi Abirami and her devotee Pattar

1 webcopyTo read the great story of Pattar, the devotee whose love and affection on Annai Abirami knew no bounds.... 

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Prahalad - the Pious Child

A new story added describing the Pious child Pirahalad, A little child like you. Read and enjoy

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HinduKidsWorld is coming out in Tamil and in English and soon in other Indian and European Languages...


Our aim is to introduce the wondrous and meaningful aspects of Hinduism to our children. This is our pure hearted effort to guide our younger generation in the holy path of Hinduism.

If you find any inadequacy in this web-mag, kindly inform us and if you find the web-mag useful, please introduce us to your friends and relatives.

This site is well organised and presented for the purpose of educating and following the left Menu in its order, we recommend the kids to use it to get the benefits fully.

Thank you for your patronage.


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Kaanchi Kaamadschi Amman

kamakshi amman4Have you read the popular article on Kaanchi Kaamaadschi Amman. It describes the history, background and many more.

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Lord Muruga

batumurugaRead and enjoy the article on Lord Muruga and receive his blessing. Please encourage the children to read this too.....

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